Monday, November 13, 2006

purple toes

i look at my toes against the surf, the frothy swirls of the lapping waves in the white sand of my mind's beach. i have painted them purple and i wonder at the curious shade. they remind me of my sister's little purple glass stones that she puts in a bowl in our sunlit room. they glisten and give off purplish sparks.
my toes have no spark at all.
they are not made of glass and the shade i chose is a bit bland.
i have other complaints too. like my feet are way too big. my nails have really short life span and they die after three days of closed footwear.
but the waves, they happily lap them all the same.
next time i'll get a better color.
or maybe just a better shade.
see, i like purple. and i fancy my toes look good on them.

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