Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Girlfriends: A Definition (for Mia and Mara)

from my uber-talented poet friend-slash-alcohol guru zola gonzalez, thanks zol:)

When we're done shuffling the cards,
and dealing the boards,
turning over red jacks and black hearts,
we sit by the pool.
Day peels itself off
a poster sky holding itself together
till the arrival of stars.
Silence is slow
as blood leaving forgotten wounds.
We lie,
poker facing umbrella trees.
(They tell a different story.)
We lie,
our woman breasts heaving,
reaching different summits,
our rummy breath losing all sense of open air.
We lie,
our feet dangling,
slicing the gelatin water,
making beaver-tail splashes
to warn the colony of the heart.

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