Thursday, June 26, 2008

going mainstream

i try too hard to be emo these days.

i guess i'm running out of genres to ride on.
i am such a walking oxymoron.
the non-conformist who jumps on bandwagons.

the pop spectrum of personalities are just soo...
poppy. it's hard to resist. you even wanna pretend to
be britney or lindsay sometimes just to know how it feels
to be that dysfunctional.

weird that they actually let me teach.
but then again, them kids aren't so impressionable.
i can't believe i hear things that actually shock me in that school.

me. shocked. of what kids do, of all things. i'm too friggin young to
act this old.


but it's what i get. i AM teaching after all.

(i have no idea why this thing looks like a poem)

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