Sunday, July 20, 2008

a repost for jello on his birthday (and angel. just because)

hmmmm... im missin these two to pieces (along with the rest of the brilliant bums). and well, my blog would be incomplete without a written shrine for these two, so there. someday, in a coffeeshop somewhere, we'll fill the air between us with malrboro exhaust, and life would once again make sense.

there was this greek legend that man and woman used to be attached and were perfect creatures. the jealous gods (their gods are weird like that) broke them apart because they were too perfect. from them on, man and woman spent their whole lives searching for their other halves to be complete.

the hopeless romantic in me loves that story, while the cynical little devil in my shoulder abhors the idea of my happiness depending on the idea of "the one". or maybe its
just the realist in me talking.

anyhow. this blog isn't about 'the one' (how very refreshing of me)
but about 'the two'. cheeeeeesy
. haha

maybe our story would be more compatible with the idea of past lives
and connections between people that endure through lives - past,
present and future. i read (don't ask where) that in your present life,
you tend to surrond yourself with people you love from
your past life. maybe that's the case with jello, angel and me.
i probably loved these two to pieces
(or maybe they were my favorite slaves when i was the queen of india-
im sure they had royalty at some point) because in this life, i do.
and when we met it did feel like finding missing pieces of me.

cheesier. haha.
it's funny because i hated angel when i first met her. maybe because
we were too much alike. (although waay different in some aspects).
anton (THE anton) once said that when we hate people, it's mostly
not because the person is bad or unlikeable but more often we see
something we hate in ourselves in them. well, i remember she was
running her mouth off when we met and was the perfect little premadonna.


anyway, when we found out we had a lot in common and so we decided
to be friends instead. (at some point, more than friends and it
was disgusting. haha.) besides when angel talks it's hard not to listen.
i swear, that girl can put up her life story in to be made to a
movie anytime for sheer shock value.

she's one of the people who's easy to stereotype cause of how she looks.
shallow, party-going, social butterfly. but as stereotypes go,
they're usually just misconceptions. which is true in
her case. (she is NOT an angel, i repeat,
she is NOT an angel! :P
) i'd like to believe that i DO NOT
make friends when shallow people, and if i happen to be found among
the company of some, than they are mere pseudo-friends.
anyway, angel is an intelligent, witty person (very much like myself)
and most of our converstions (which i love) are filled with insights
on life, love and whatnot. there is only one other person except jello)
with whom i can bare so much of myself to, strip myself naked
(so to speak) and not feel that maddening fear of being exposed.

and then there's jello... ahhh. had he been straight, angel
and i would not be friends cause wed be fighting over him.
(i can hear jello gagging). he's been my anchor through all the
crazy shit i thought to try in dumaguete, my moral compass even.
although, in the end, i guess i proved to be a stronger influence
cause now, he's not exactly vice-free. (but then again, what
would a non-smoker and a smoker have in common? haha.
that's how small my world is.) still, he kept me sane
and helped me face life with more
maturity than i am actually capable of...

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Jello said...

hmmm, im flattered and honored that there is a blog shrine dedicated to me (and angel), albeit the person got more editorial space compared to me.hahaha. mara, peace. if mara said i was her "[im]moral" compass (which is the more reasonable role to play. mara is so free, sometimes she needs detention.hehehe), for me, she's the person who prodded me to go out of my box and experience the world. and so, there was smoke, all too many RH bottles, unending chikas, unplanned vacations and trips...etc. thanks dear! i love u! kapoi suwat mam...