Saturday, June 14, 2008

scholastic torture

so i just came home from attending one of THE most boring things
in the world: an icky, loathsome affair aptly called a "strategic
planning workshop" (did i lose you at strategic?) where old
people gather and make 10-year timelines for unbelievably
boring plans. plans on things that only old people are concerned
about. and i am purposely being vague because i was just
sitting there the whole 2 days, pretending to be supremely
interested when im really trying to sleep with my eyes open.

well... okay. that wasnt entirely true.

there were some instances when i forgot to be bored. fine.
i might even conceed that there was once when i actually
formed what can be described as an amused grin.

but that's it.

NO One should misconstrue what i just said to mean i had
a good time. i will not be accused of ENJOYING the company
of old boring teachers.

(haha. trying hard much?)

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Moustached Mona Lisa said...

mar, unsaun pag add sa imong blog? or iadd nalang ko kay naka upat nako ka blogspot accounts d ko kabalo mua add. xet.

mea maxima culpa.