Monday, June 30, 2008

what i learned

i learned that life doesn't owe me any favors.

i learned that if it's too hard to hang on, it's time to let go.

i learned that home is a place where they will have to take you in, no matter what sort of shit you get yourself into.

i learned that sex is sex, and that intimacy shouldn't be confused with love.

i learned that maturity isn't about not making mistakes, but facing up to the consequences every time you make one.

i learned that love isn't overrated but our idea of it is.

i learned that when they said 'you should learn love to yourself before you can love someone else', they weren't just trying to be cheesy.

i learned that where i am right now, is exactly where i want to be. it might not be where i should end up, but it's where i should be right now...

i learned that happiness is a choice.

and finally...

i have learned to choose to be happy.


Jello said...

mara and her keen thoughts on i miss these kind of talks...especially when you play psychologist or philosopher...hehehe.

michelle said...

it's really cool how mature and wise this post sounds.kafeel na ko na tigulang na ta, with thoughts like these on life's lessons and coming to terms with one's self. =) but it's's kewl. i especially like the last line.

mara said...

the most important lessons are always learned the hard way. even that, i learned the hard way. i went through a lot of shit to be able to say those words and actually mean them... hehe. you guys were there for the most part of the journey. i miss you all.. *sob*