Tuesday, July 15, 2008

okay. maybe i do have brain cells to spare...

damn. i miss high school.

seriously, i miss being naive enough to actually not care about being a freak. i miss literally laughing til it hurts with miray, kolitug, michelle and lapay. i miss stalking our crushes like the weirdos we were.

i miss having a crush as a reason for going to school. i miss raving over stupid nothings like him lending me a pen, or saying my name (for whatever reason), or for merely looking my way. (i guess i was a freak, big time. hehehe)

i miss ma'am tado (our version of all that represented evil then). i see fellow IDS people giving me funny looks over this. but deny it you want, you miss her too. we liked being given hell, and then rant about to hell and back while doing BCDs (her infamous Beautification and Cleanliness Drive wherein we 'bungkal' the living shit out of weeds) . we loved hating her then and her blasted vendetta against all things green and leafy, but we miss her now. it takes age to realize that she made us learn valuable lessons (albeit against our will).

just shut up and agree.

i miss doing BCDs. i'm not being weird on purpose. it really was fun, i swear. i've been interacting with IDS' weeds since sophomore year, that I have actually developed deep and lasting connections with so-called BCD mates, the IDS grounds, and the weeds, i guess.

i miss girl talks. i feel funny just saying that cause it makes me sound girly-girl when i never was, but i miss our convoluted conversations about boys, our lovelives (or the lack thereof), and our mild obsessions over whatever interaction any of us happen to have with our crushes (imagined or not).

i miss my bully, extremely annoying and weirdly endearing high school nemesis. he and i exchanged a few slaps and punches, got sent to the guidance office twice, almost got kicked out of CAT for manhandling and officer-assaulting and reaped enough crazy memories from these antics to last a lifetime.

i miss being in the last section! with our school's obsession for academic excellence, people in the last section were the only ones who were smart enough to realize all we needed were passing grades to graduate. so we majored on making every moment in high school memorable, and minored on academics while everyone else was too busy studying to enjoy high school. 'em nerds.

we were rowdy, crazy, careless, happy-go-lucky, and damn proud of it!

i miss the crazy things we called ourselves: s-club 7, rocktech boys, charlies' angels and their faithful sidekick... it gives me goosebumps just thinking about how jologs we were. in retrospect though, we didn't know better, and it was fun, so, whatever. hehe.

i miss the so-called group studies we had wherein we never did any studying. i remember going to rachel's place with the girls, coercing the boys to come, then leaving them in the sala, to hide our kilig in the bedroom over them being there. i mean, can you get more high school-y than that?!

but most of all, i miss that feeling of excitement over the promises of what lies beyond high school... the prophecies we made, the courses we were gonna take, the marks we were gonna make and the lives we were gonna change...

it's been six years now. i'm sure we never thought this is where we were gonna end up (speaking for myself, that would be limbo). i wonder how everyone else is?

how does everyone look now? what are they doing with their lives? are they still the same people i knew? are we still the same absurd bunch of crazy/fun omegans that we were then?

i wonder...

damn. i really miss high school :(

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