Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what stupid thing i did today

so this morning i dragged myself off of bed and groggily went straight to the kitchen for some caffeine. i got the kettle off its rack all zombie-like, put some water, and set it on the electric stove.

i was suddenly jolted awake when something sort of exploded (you know, that sound you hear when something short-circuits).
jason mraz was singing 'i'm yours' on the radio and went "love, love, lo----uuuuhvvvv...". BANG.

turns out, the wire for the player was sizzling under the kettle because someone (that would
be me) didn't notice that the wire was coiled around the stove and didn't remove it before turning the stove on.

there's more. when the blasted thing short-circuited, it took out all the power in the compound because we have a common power source. that's four houses losing electricity because some genius wasn't awake enough to use her brain. and with the series of brownouts we've been having lately, people are a little touchy when it comes to losing power.

i guess it's never too early to start pissing people off. it's a curse, i tell you. my capacity for screwing up never ceases to amaze me.

seriously. i am in complete self-awe.




Aiken said...

no comment. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah!!!!

michelle said...

bayeet. priceless. hahahahahhahahhahahahahhaha. this could be a hit tv show. more! more!

Jello said...

bwahahahahahahaha! forget about britney! mara should be crowned queen!

Easter Lois said...

ahay dangaga ni manang oi!!! hahaha

flipt said...

wahahaha!! i'm not alone! we should create a support group for people like us, ms. mara! haha...

mara said...

btaw philipt...screw-ups anynomous? hehehe