Tuesday, July 1, 2008

when your brain cells fail, repost!

Here's some of what Mitch said in her blog:

...there's nothing there. And I don't know where can I get a good enough reason to fill it up again.

What's more, I haven't been writing for the past six months. Not even blog entries that could be of use to the everyday life of people who might chance upon it. No witty turns of phrases here. No brilliant take on a topic that I am passionate about. It's like all my enthusiasm to write got buried under a busy Cebu street, and I totally forgot about it or am too apathetic to dig it up again.

My job is interesting; I like my new room near I.T. Park. I visit Dumaguete once a month; I text, catch up on the latest news, write emails, discuss proposals, meet and talk with friends.

My life is fine. But I am not on fire.

And I feel like, as I sit here in front of the computer wishing I were far away, I would like to be on fire very, very much.

And here's my comment to that:

ditto. D-I-T-T-O. can one say super ditto and make sense? I feel like standing up and shouting "hear, hear!" It's like whenever i write i stop in the middle because i've forgotten what i was writing for and about in the first place. it's scary not to feel strongly about anything anymore. waaay scary... i used to be filled with strong emotions (misplaced yes, but strong nonetheless), now i'm a friggin' dessert. not lifeless but just really really dry...
I mean seriously, I can't even write my own shit and just keep reposting stuff. Sheesh.


michelle said...

mag-effort jud ko. i'm gonna start swimming again. or i'm gonna write articles and submit them for publication, kebs if dili dawaton. or just talk to my sleeping sister about what i think of the mole by her nose. (CHAK, moles jud). or something.basin phase ra man ni mar. quarter life crisis.hope we get out of it soon.

mara said...

i think it's normal. necessary even. i mean we can't always be hyped up about things. that would be too exhausting. hehe. the point is we never stop trying :)

Aiken said...

hala mooohhhh!!!!!!!!! dili na normal... heheheh joke..

Aiken said...

this is for the people na ni comment sa latest post ni mitch:
Don't worry,,, kalma ra mong tanan,,, you'll get there... some day. char. (at nagsalita ang lost) hehehehe.. isa-pa, sakto si jelo. all you guys need is vekeshon. as in like a wek vekeshon. if dili jud kaya, na hala, tulo nalang ka adlaw.. pero mek shur na enyo ko embetarun. hehehehe. and let's bonpayr. oh my.. bonpayr. shiet. oh im really sorry. this is my perst time. ohh aahahahahaha... well.. my pamily's role is oh my gahd. haha. ada wala ra... na bored ra ko. o sha, bekeshon ha... kitang tanan. bow.