Monday, August 18, 2008

thoughts of the self-obsessed

i think that everyone is secretly documenting the inane ongoings of my life.

i think that as i walk in school everyone
steals glances, then exchange murmurs on
whatever they needed to comment about me.

i think that everytime i'm in a jeepney, everybody tries hard not to stare but i catch them at times and its interesting how they get unnerved by this.

i think that when pieces of conversations reach my ears as i sit quietly somewhere, enjoying a stick or two, it always involves a mention of me.

fancy that.

somewhere inside this narcissistic shell of self-absorption is the capacity to realize this might all just be an illusion.

i think that i think that i am aware that all this is a rather severe and even somewhat demented illusion...

i continue to feed it anyway.


Anonymous said...

My mother was a narcissist. Because of her I can truly say I've seen evil. Narcissist are truly sick people. You suffer from a mental disorder and need serious help. Narcissist is just a fancy word for - disgusting SELFISH people.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, disgusting was harsh. But seriously you need to get yourself out of your own world because it will destroy you and any hope of a happy relationship.