Monday, August 18, 2008

to the brilliant bums...

In every brilliant bum's blog, it is inevitable that every so often, a post on dumaguete will come up. and maybe it's because founder's coming up, or cause inday's in town, or even that ren just had her fifteen seconds (?) of fame in TV patrol (or all of the above) that bums are talking about dumaguete again.

whatever it is, we never really need an excuse to talk about our city. apparently, as of late, it doesn't take much to induce people into talking mental walks down
nostalgia lane...

so because i have been doing those walks myself more frequently nowadays,
i thought to come up with a list of what makes dumaguete, OUR dumaguete.
some ideas taken from jello and aiken's posts, of course.

to a bum, a wednesday is never just a wednesday. it's the day the defines the week. even the days that completes the week. for the bums, everything begins with a wednesday and ends with a wednesday. and of course, accordingly, many of our highlights have happened on a wednesday... (i can practically hear your thoughts whir for like 100km/second..hehe)and thus a post-break-up poem i wrote for a guy (who introduced this wednesday ritual to me) goes, 'you took all my wednesdays with you..." (only i can by cryptic and corny at the same time, haha).

this in turn is the place that defined us as a group. apart from all the other places, wherein we've practically branded our presence on, hayahay was where we let go of inhibitions. where, according to jello, enchi seemed like the only reason to dance in the world. i swear, there is practically absolutely nothing else that feels like what it feels when you're on the dance floor, swaying to reggae, red horse on one hand, marlboro on the other, with the sweet smell of the tangy sea mixed with the aroma of chez andre's mind-blowing pizza around you. man, i feel like i can practically smell hayahay...

el amigo
i agree with jello. it's all about ricardo. there in no el amigo for the bums without rick. we love him because he indulges all our weird eccentricities or eccentric weirdness (either way, we're weird and eccentric). he plays our favorite music even if it might potentially aggravate other customers. he gives us ice and water and tissue even if we don't ask for anything else other than ice, water or tissue. (haha) and when we get too drunk to remember to pay, he simply reminds us the next day.
damn, i miss ricardo... i miss el amigo! (oooh, it rhymes!)

when i say we were a friggin' institution when it comes to sted's loyalty, i mean that in a literal sense. oh, the crazy shit that comes with the words 'sted's core'. sexy dancing? oh i know. i shall speak no more...
(why do i keep rhyming?!)

the weekly sillimanian
we weren't just about the bumming around, we were mainly about our orgs too. but then again, the weekly isn't just an org. it was waaaay more than a paper. the weekly sillimanian wasn't even just a demanding, time-consuming, sometimes overwhelming extracurricular... it was a whole damn lifestyle. we worked, slept and ate at that office. and did a lot of other stuff as well. tee-hee.
oh... a whole post can never give justice to what weekly was, so i'll stop trying. suffice to say that bums have a pandora's box of memories in their heads labeled, 'the weekly sillimanian.' 'nuf said.

eatery by the tree
it was mainly aiken's discovery which of course was eventually adopted by everyone else. nanay (as in louella's mom) and her to-die-for porkchops with ginamus and spicy kinilaw was my definition of a 'good meal' then. (well, maybe it still is). but we love nanay not just because of the food, but the fact that you get suffused with warmth and parental love when you get within a meter radius of her. she was always "oh, i'm so proud of all you," and "you guys are sooo great". she was the best proxy mom i had in dumaguete.

cafe memento
at this point, i feel like fighting tears. seriously, this is starting to get painful. but then again, it might result to a brilliant bums reunion as well, so it'll be worth it. hehe. in my mind i can still see us gathered around memento's wooden tables, seated on its wrought-iron chairs, filling the air in between us with marlboro exhaust and brilliant bum chatter.

and then there's joey, and payag, and countrygents (waah! countrygents!) and berto, and wanbol and escaƱo, even AM-PM, oh the list could go on and on....

you guys have no idea how painful it was to walk around dumaguete alone. everyone's right, dumaguete isn't dumaguete without the brilliant bums.
and seeing all those changes... damn, it's like we never were, i tell you. it's heart-breaking... :(

that portal building monstrosity, the fact that i actually don't know the people who now go to hayahay, the fact that el ams looks different now, or worst the fact that when i say, 'kita tag steds', i have to clarify WHICH steds... can you imagine?


that sigh carried a world of meaning and the fact that only bums can comprehend the extent of its significance leaves me sadder and happier at the same time.

ok. sakto na! OA na ang show. basta, gimingaw ko ninyomg mga pisteha mo!:(

August 19, 2008 12:11 AM


michelle said...

ganahan ko sa rhymes.hahahaha.peste. adto founders bah.

Easter Lois said...

ahay mafrustrate pud ko anang steds silliman and steds portal. and hayahay and el ams are flocked with aliens right now. huhu

Aiken said...

tinuod si easter. and and... daghan mang aliens sauna during our time,, but those aliens aren't so much of an alien pud. heheh naunsa na gud ko? ummm.. what i mean is, aliens sila pero bums ra japun ug dagway. karon kay mura mag naas el camino.. nya naa ra diay sa el amigo. shiet jud

mara said...

pesteh. murag magsakit man jud samot akong dughab mag-huna2 sa inyong gpang-ingob... it's really like what i said... it's like we never were...:(

Aiken said...

SAH?? adouyyy... anyywayz,,,, founders starting friday na... torch parade.... then bayanihan on saturday and sunday....

angel said...

there is only one thing left to say. Dumaguete needs us. A reunion is on order. Let's save our city from the martians who are stupid enough not to wear just flipflops in el amigo. bwahahaha