Monday, September 29, 2008

23 is the new 22

it's my warped way of refusing to grow older.

hmmmmmmm... when did our birthdays start to become
reminders that we're running out of time, instead
of being granted more?
maybe it's a half-full, half-empty thing.
so now i'm a pessimist.
well, i guess i've always been chronically so.
or have at least pretended to be for the last 22 years.

but like i've told easter, i'm post-emo now. hehe

anyway, it's my birthday and i felt like i should do something.
so, here i am commemorating being a year closer to the deadline
with a blog post. (woah, that sounds so.... emo. hehehe)
honestly, it doesn't feel any different. i'd probably forget
if i don't always have my nose in friendster.
but there is something i want to write about....

you know how semisonic sang 'every new beginning starts from
some other beginning's end..'? well, 23 is my new beginning.
i know this is totally blaspheming the feminine cause
and my claim to be part of it, but well, it starts and ends with a guy.

what can i say, it's the perpetual story of my life.
actually, it's angel's tagline and mine:
in perpetual search of true love (or our idea of it).

so yes, there's a guy. and as much as i want to satisfy
your burning curiosity which is searing a hole in my chatbox,
i think splashing him all over this blog will jinx it so...
let's just say, it will be a happy birthday for me... :)


Easter Bunny said...

oooh so it is true? you are over your emo stage? haha you might as well post a picture of this new guy you know it's always protocol for us to dissect each other's men ;p

Krawi said...

happy birthday yah!

mara said...

as jello, bom and mitch. theyve met. but i might post something on friendster soon... might. hehe. dont
want to submit him for dissection just yet... hehehe