Sunday, September 7, 2008

on sept seven...

two extremely blogworthy events for today:

first is angel's birthday. we happen to share the same birth month so when her birthday comes i feel a mixture of happiness and dread. happiness over the gift of another year for a good friend and myself, and dread over having to add yet another year on my age. (at least i'm still young enough to get away with being shallow. haha).

here's a testi i made for her at friendster:

for my most special girlfriend (and i mean that in a completely un-lesbian way) on her most special day:

damn, we've actually known each other for more than half a decade now (altho most tyms it seems lyk iv known u all my lyf--aww) and we've been thru a LOT. i know we promised to always be together on r birthdays (with aiken on those coco amigo days of long ago), but i guess even then, we've always known that we're bound to take different roads and live different lives. and yet, despite the fact that we hardly get to update each other on the ongoings of our lives now, i know we will always and forever share the things that matter. we will always have those twisted and epic-long discussions on life and love, we will always have those sudden fits of laughter over things we'd rather not tell people about, we'll always have those theme songs in commemoration of the angel-mara tandem and our misadventures...
cheers to making new memories to laugh and cry over
miss u mam. hapi birthday!


ren did a report on national TV today!!!

woohooo!!! kudos to ren2!
the baby is now... a reporter!
hehehe. super gushing with pride...:)

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angel said...

Hapit ko maka cry sa imong comment mam... Hay, i wish you were there... anyway, at least Xander is still way older than us.hahaha kanang, me and gerard are goin to cebu oct pd!!!