Tuesday, November 4, 2008

status check

i still hate being a teacher
i am loving debate though, and it makes up for the boringness of it all

uhmmm... i only hang out with my debaters and my co-coaches now which is okay but we all suffer from debate overload so it still gets kinda boring.
i just found out that i still have a year again, A WHOLE FRIGGIN' YEAR PEOPLE!!! before we finish my masters and i am severely depressed over this.
i drink and smoke a LOT less now, but this is a default set-up. hehe

he ruined all my earlier relationships for me.
he knows it and is not sorry for it.
apparently i ruined some relationships for him too.
not intentionally on both our cases...
we had just been subconsciously measuring our exes on each other.
isn't that sweeeeeeeet? possibly warped, but toe-curling sweeeeet nonetheless.
... still scared shitless though. baby steps, baby steps...


Aiken said...

baby step... baby step... can we really do that? hahahaha sure?

mara said...

yeah.. best in himo-ag mantra maam.. still trying. say it with me, baby steps, baby steps... haha

Aiken said...

sigi let's say it together,,,, baby steps! baby steps! ako baya pud ng gi sulyan karun. hehehe

michelle said...

ang mantra na "one day at a time" works for me too. gud luck ken and mar. :)