Thursday, November 13, 2008

IIT beats UST at ANC Square-off (yeah, UST that's how to debate)

i know it's self-serving, but what the hey, WE KICKED UST's BUTT (!!!)
at ANC Square-off, and we damn well have all the right to lord it over people!
Until the next round at least. hehe
I feel justifiably avenged after losing a round to them at the Nationals...
it was sweet to finally wipe those condescending grins off their faces
(sour-grapy much?... uh. is that even a word? hehe)
okay. so much for the destructive language.
here are pictures from TEAM IIT's latest victory.


Anonymous said...

Alipores ni damaso, ilampaso! Alipores ni damaso, nalampaso! Ahw. Congrats mam and to MIDV! -isabel

Aiken said...

asa jud ng pictures? apan wala?

Ajeet-X said...

Congrats! Dapat humingi ka ng copy ng episode so you can watch UST's defeat again and again LOL

paul rich said...

congrats mar!!! whew...wagi jud!

xandersalamander said...

shyeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt. im proud!! my friend here!! haha i know you can do this. i have fucking esp. just look at that newspaper that we made on your bday!! hahaha check on my freakin comment hehehe yesss. brilliant bums in the house!! =) sus. di nako ma amze if naa nka sa fhm sunod hahah =) amping dha. keep up the good work- sounds fuckin cliche but i mean this =)

Anonymous said...

mara, i don't know if u can still remember me. john ramos? ids batch 2001? ids debating society? kami nila ni edda sastine, rambert, ronan, vera, katong sa una? katong naay kaluha? wla lang. congrats sa daog ninyo. do keep us posted sa developments. humana ba? i don't have a blog...but id really appreciate it kung mainform ko nimo sa inyo mga matches. gina-atngan nako. saw ur match against ust. yati...maayo na kaayo ka dah! hehe. congrats ha. txt nalang. 09159002415. tnx.