Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a bum is engaged

OMG. inday is getting married.
and i am grappling with mixed emotions.
happiness, nostalgia, pensive melancholy
and a rather misplaced sense of maternal

well, i was always telling inday off when
it comes to guys... it has always been kind
of her weakness (hehe. sowi day)

i feel a little helpless owing to the fact na
wala pa nako na kilatis ang keru, and suddenly
finding out that they have plotted down marriage
as a definite possibility come april.

i am still happy nonetheless. bums will always be
happy for other bums when heaven grants them a
delicious someone to love, to hold and to cherish.

this better be the real thing, though.
(love you day!!! i expect to be informed of all
the details, or else. haha)

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