Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year sentiment

mich said:
I think both Valentines Day and the Christmas season are the only two
occasions when you take a look at your life and wonder if you're happy.

i TO-tally agree... but then again, i never need an excuse to go senti
and muse why happiness escapes me.

the weird thing is i know why i'm not happy.
(kindly ignore the inconsistency)
i realize i'm actually scared of being happy. cause if i'm happy...

then what?

seriously, constant bliss is boring. call the perspective what you want
- but it's true.

and yes, ally mcbeal said that too.

i sooo miss that series...

so for the non-warped sane individuals who don't shun happiness...


Anonymous said...

As the Dalai Lama says
"Happiness in not something mready mad. It comes from your own actions.

michelle said...

my goodness! I miss Ally McBeal pud!

on the constant bliss thought: i become boring when i'm happy. the happy happy endorphin-like emotions fizz through my brain, gobbling up the rational, interesting brain cells. so there. ditto on the thought. hehe.

but then again, constant bliss is sooooo much better than constant depression.

Verna T.S. said...

the photo is uber cute! haha.

2009 sounds promising. i just hope this positivity stays longer than it usually does. arf! happy new year ox babies!! it's our year afterall. haha.