Monday, December 8, 2008


minutes burn into seconds
in a blink
the winding road is long
always i am pressed for time
as if through a sift,
time flows through my hands like water
The hands on my watch
Whir themselves to a blur
As everyone rush past
But I am left on a standstill
everyone, it seems
has somewhere else
to go
to be
but here
i am on a standstill
life passing me by

disclaimer: this is NOT a relapse to my emo stage,
never mind the defensiveness. hehe. this
is simply a manifestation of my impatience
to get the hell out of iligan already, which
is still like, 8 months from now. more or less.


michelle said...

so get out of there already. let's plan 2009 as the MOVING ON TO BETTER THINGS YEAR.

mara said...

hear hear!!!