Wednesday, December 17, 2008

warped compliment

here's a warped compliment, i offered him. i think you're
smarter than me. cause if you weren't,
i'd be bored by now.

but honestly, we're both feeling a little lukewarm.
i think we hyped up this thing too much. now we're suffering
from the aftermath of "great expectations".
but then again, i am a pathological optimist when it comes
to relationships. there hasn't been anything we can't talk
through so far... i think.

most days though, i miss my best friend more than my boyfriend,
even if they are one and the same.

does it really have to be either-or?


Anonymous said...

hi mam..pwede mi nimo tagaan clu kung kinsa..hihi

michelle said...

Why not just try... not expecting anything at all? :)

mara said...

right. no expectations? is that even humanly possible? hehehehe... seriously :(

Anonymous said...

i assume you are in a relationship na wla ka kahbaw unsa inyo status..sakto bako?