Sunday, January 25, 2009

stick figures

i love the unpretentious and straight to the point (often, straight
to the heart)message of these simple scrawls.

this one in particular:

and the quote about it that i got from this site:

Surely there exists someone out there who is wandering through this world with the same hopes and uncertainties as me.
Surely they’ve spent hours playing out those same little
scenarios only to find that they were short one stick figure as well.

Let’s run away and find a nice dark corner in which to do long division.

emo relapse alert

lately, my line of vision has been littered with broken hearts.

i am troubled.

not just because the sight of emotionally bleeding people pains me,
but mostly because it forces me to assess my own heart and
unfortunately, the distractions are no long distracting enough to
keep me from treading that supposedly forgotten path...
(of course it's about ME. duh.)

sigh. (yes, i am indulging my melodramatic tendencies again...
run, while you can.)

there's ara, my in denial debater who walks around pretending to be
fine and dandy but constantly indulging in huge doses of masochism
(i.e. frequently texting with the ex, checking the sweet captured
moments of the new pair in friendster)

there's aiken, who's chosen to make his heartbreaker anonymous in
the numerous chronicles of his year-long pain and is now apologizing
for his choice to go find (hopefully heal) himself.

there's the other bums struggling with their own precarious love
stories, wondering if it's all worth it...

and then there's me. i think my romantic pulse is normal,
nowhere near heartbreak (i think) but maybe... this is all just
wishful thinking. i think truthfully, nothing seems to be wrong
because the relationship is almost non-existent. if technically
there's nothing there, how can there be hurt?

but really, i am quite aware that THIS is as bad as BAD
in relationships go...


are we all doomed to pain?

(emo relapse alert! hehe)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

one night, i got bored...

yes na lang gud...

we're all grown up now...

yet still the same in many ways. here are some of the omegan freaks
at the IDS post-party session at batC:

sharing some stupid joke...

love for RH: sign of a true omegan. haha

it's like high school all over again, cept for the alcohol, hehe.
we were boring then

arlie, leah and macky

and jofre in white

Saturday, January 10, 2009


It was one of those things that didn’t die. No matter how long you burrowed them, deep, in the corners of your brain you don’t often visit. Once in a while, out of the blue, they pop out, escapee thoughts you thought you’ve sentenced for good. And when they came out it’s as if you never struggled to repress them, forget them, rendered them hopeless, lost causes, battles you’ve long decided too futile to fight for… or too afraid to fight for, either way, they've been labeled “lost causes”, those unattainable things that you were never meant to have…

Why do they have to sneak up on you like this? A smile, a memory awakened and you’re drowning in the pool again, lost in the flood of those forbidden fantasies washing over you as if the last couple of years never happened.


It wasn’t really grief so much as a reawakened and intensified longing and hope… the last things you needed, of course. Not when you’d been reinventing yourself for so long, immersed yourself in all these experiences to surface anew.

Pretense is the bane of the hopeless. They realize the hard way that it was all for naught. Inevitably, they will find themselves in the same damning path of long ago… lost in his smile, his voice… wishing, hoping, pining… all over again.

Damn reunions.