Thursday, March 12, 2009

i think i'm evil

(and i really need people to disagree)

ever since i read the twilight series (okay the correct phrasal
verb would be "hooked up") i think i got possessed by edward cullen
(in my world, fictional characters are capable of possessing
non-fictional characters. feel free to visit anytime). no, i don't
mean i've convinced myself i'm a vampire, but that i've been
obsessed with reading minds. sometimes other people's,
but mostly my own (since i'm only slightly delusional,
i AM aware that i'm NOT really a mind-reader).

so in the process of dissecting my quasi-deep thoughts, which upon
introspection are mostly (if not all) about how the world relates to
me (we-hell, no surprise there). i have become convinced (and this
most likely ISN'T a delusion) that i am in fact, EVIL.

see, edward does this thing when he assesses if a person is evil
based on the quality of his/her thoughts, and says stuff like,
"his/her mind is one of the purest i've read.." and so, that's
led me to be consciously aware of all my reflex thoughts and
it's made me conclude that I'm almost (if not entirely) incapable
of pure thoughts.

don't agree? well, here's some of those impure reflex thoughts:

stimulus: a beggar asking for money
thought: wonder what's gonna spend it for? yosi or rugby? hopefully food... nah. malamang yosi.

stimulus: some guy (with passable looks) who happens to be within striking proximity
thought: always about how he looks half-naked and how he would be as a kisser(honest!) and if he's really hot, my thoughts would turn greener... (this is why my ex tells me i think like a guy :( )

stimulus: **** being nice; going out of his way to help me
thought: wonder what he thinks he's gonna get from doing this

stimulus: some girl with a good-looking guy
thought: baka bobo yung guy or hey, i'm better looking that than that.. the world does not make sense

stimulus: student with a blank-eyed stare
thought: bakit ka kaya pumasa ng high school to, or, pano to pumasa sa entrance exam?

stimulus: girl sa jeep na pa-tingin-tingin...
thought: what? whaaaat?! ano problema mo ha?

stimulus: shady-looking driver
thought: owkay... he looks highly questionable. why did i sit in the front seat again? dammit...

stimulus: some girl commenting on my bf's facebook page
thought: she's into him and i'm getting pissed off... why is he friends with her? (i don't act on this naman)

stimulus: guard sa jollibee
thought: your job has got to be the most boring job everrr...

stimulus: hot guy who's a good dresser
thought: he's gay

stimulus: hot guys in a group going out for drinks
thought: they're gay

stimulus: atom a. asking for scottie's number
thought: he's gay (in fairness to me though, i don't think there's anyone who wouldn't think this. haha)

stimulus: hot guy on the jeep who doesn't look my way once
thought: definitely gay

see? i'm evil, i tell you.... eveeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!
(did i just say evel?)


Scottiboy said...

stimulus: hot guy who's a good dresser
thought: he's gay

haha, marc nelson has got to be gay

Scottiboy said...
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