Saturday, April 25, 2009

too cute...

im all weepy about the weepies... in a good way :)

let me pull an iago (on procrastination)...

constant reminders do not constantly remind you of anything. they just serve as a license to forget.

Friday, April 24, 2009

it's the moles, i tell you

recent events have pushed me to an internal debate: am i a troublemaker?
or does the world just seem to disagree with me on the things that matter?

as you probably have read, i've been ranting in my last two FB
stat msgs about supposedly educated people and their lack of
breeding. this stemmed from a brouhaha which happened in UP during
our latest debate tournament wherein some debaters sank to the level
of being palengkeras and verbally flayed me in the bus due to a
comment i made in FB, a million years ago (okay, after a certain
episode in SquareOff).

i think it got rather out of hand, which i think made my
institution and the institution of those... lets call them
"bad people" (haha), get infamous reputations in the debate
circles. tsk. tsk. tsk...

but as you very well know, this ISN'T the first time something
like this happened. i've had people getting mad at me for words
i said and opinions i've expressed: both verbally and on paper.
alhtough, i conceed that particular FB comment was thoughtless
and tactless, most of the OTHER things I opine about are words
i can vouch for (i.e. atty. paguia and his scathing, rather
demeaning response to a question he never really answered).

but you know what they say, all things that end well...
(dang, i forgot the rest of the expression). they apologized
and i've apologized back as well (yes, i'm mature now and actually
say 'sorry' to people... so long as they deserve it. nyaha)

i'm out to make more waves in debate however, and it it'll inevitably
get me... well, more infamous. i'd have to be careful not to drag
my institution or make them fully understand my stances and
therefore my choices, so they can support me (assuming they
will choose to) with an informed choice. this isn't a vendetta,
it's supporting a movement (albeit a risky, possibly controversial
one) that i sincerely think will create changes that will uplift
debate in the philippines.

after all these, people are asking me to you know, change (i think),
and generally avoid such compromising situations. well, you know
how i hate it when people ask me NOT to be me. i will NOT change.
i will be more tactful, yes, since it's always a goal to be a
better version of yourself, but i will NOT change who i am. i
think the moles give fair warning: i'm not one to sit around and
be mum.

because this is what i learned from my recent exposures to the real
nature of debate in general, and debaters in particular: we are in a
system that's indeed a microcosm of philippine politics (yikes, tama
ka *****s). and if people have accepted philippine politics as it is,
not bothering to really do anything about it, because, well,
ano pa bang magagawa mo? i think while were still young, and the
system (in debate, at least) is still malleable and open to change
and you've got rational, open-minded people who are all capable of
fair discourse... we should act on changes that will minimize problems
...why the hell not?

anyway, it's a struggle enough to choose between who i am and that
person people prefer i was. hopefully, the day will NEVER come when
i have chosen to stay quiet because speaking up is just too risky,
inconvenient, too much of a hassle and in some instances, possibly
life-threatening? hehe. Well, i'm not there (yet), at least.

good luck to me and my endeavors in life. haha

Saturday, April 4, 2009

gotta luv berto

This piece of genius right here, is a product of berto's unfailingly
brilliant and amazingly convoluted mind. Miss the big guy...
Deathstone 4ever! Solid! haha

berto's commencement speech
Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 9:11am

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, members of the faculty,
friends, gays, early birds and early worms, hot iron strikers, extra
rice eaters, emo's, pingpong experts, disco dancers, mongoloids,
political crocodiles, sex offenders, underwater sea creature haters,
DOJ secretary Raul M. Gonzalez look-a-alikes, Madame President,
Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez, Celso delos Angeles solid fans club,
secret lovers, filthy-lie-zer scummers, the bloods and the crips,
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, raki the janitor,
purefoods basketball team, wowowee, bullies, teachers pets,
Mrs. Bacalso my teacher in grade4, parents, neighbors, dirty old men,
dirty old women, violators of RA 6969 or also known as " Toxic
Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990",
corporate shitheads, Visiting Fuckers Agreement soldiers,
Bourgeoisie bastards, advocates of facism, warlords, rugby boys,
the Board of Trustees, members of the office of the Solicitor
General, Graduates of '09 and street childrens...Good Day, the
commencement speech has ended go forth and become impure.

... ha?

i know this generic error message wasn't an inquiry on
my species of origin...
but i felt my humanity questioned anyway.

lol. :P

Thursday, April 2, 2009

of errant hearts and broken promises...


cant believe im writing you an actual letter. i mean, in this day
and age :P but, i've always been better at explaining myself in
print when it comes to things like this...

babe... im sorry. i wish i was more mature. you'd think id be
better at handling these things. but im probably still as
emotionally erratic and volatile as i was when we first knew
each other. im sorry if i hurt you... i should be the last
person to do that. i guess... it was kind of a mutual
thing... the eventuality of a break-up. but it shouldn't
have happened like that. i shouldn't have let it happen
like that...

and im sorry to leave you hanging in the air... i mean,
i know u need someone the most now. i officially suck at
relationships, seeing as how i've botched one with you,
what with the history and EVERYTHING that we share...

but babe... im not losing you over this, am I? were not
gonna be random strangers on the street who will say
awkward greetings because they sort of knew each other?
cause that's the worst thing that could ever happen
to us... i still need you in my life. i don't think ill
ever NOT want you in my life. ever. you know that right?

if makadayon ko anha, we'll spend time with each other...
ill hug you and then hang out and talk like adults. or at
least pretend to be adults. it doesn't have to be anything
specific... i'm not gonna interrogate you or anything...
promise. just need to have some of the old US back.
i know you don't like it when i say that. but you know what
i mean when i say i miss us...

i miss you... :(

i'm sorry if i hurt you...

love tikaw,


ps don't go finding a new girl just yet. you know ill be all emo
and be jealous as hell... wait for me to get there...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

for Inday (Wedding stuff)

So, i assumed Inday wants a beach wedding and scoured the net for whatever I found useful and posted 'em here for Inday and the bum's approval and perusal.

I thought it was cute... :P

this is really kewl... we could do this for Inday's walk down the aisle

mmmm... what do you guys think? ok man sya...

oh cool centerpiece... I can imagine Jello customizing this. hehe. And the materials are basic enough...

me hearts this cake! :p

This next bit is a repost from

And its about flowers and their meanings, might be helpful, unless you've chosen flowers na :P

No other flowers symbolize love better than roses. Roses are available all year round and come in a great variety of colors to match any wedding theme. Among the most popular colors are white, red, yellow, pink, orange, lavender, and hot pink.

These beautiful "south of the border" flowers are native to South America, specifically to Chile and Brazil. They primarily bloom in the spring and summer and can be found in sunny yellow, milky white and rich red colors.

These gorgeous flowers, whose heads are shaped like stars, are perfect for late summer and fall weddings as they bloom abundantly during these months. Asters are similar in appearance to daisies and are available in white, purple, lavender, pink and red.

Bells of Ireland:
These unusual green flowers are a favorite for summer weddings. Mix bells of Ireland together with hypericum berries for a one of a kind festive centerpiece.Birds of

True to their name, birds of paradise give an impression of exotic birds. Known as an ornamental flower, this exquisite combination of a tall green stalk, bright orange sepals and purplish-blue petals stands beautifully on its own. It is a perfect flower to use for weddings with tropical themes.

Calla Lilies:
Calla Lilies come in classic, pure white as well as occasionally in two-toned shades such as white with pink, butter with cream, or yellow with gold. They are time-honored wedding flowers and are available for enjoyment all year round.

Chrysanthemum (aka Pompons):
As their name suggests, these festive flowers look like a flowering pompon. A fun and cheerful flower, pompons are celebrated annually at the Japanese "Festival of Happiness." Pompons are available in a variety of colors and are perfect for contributing to the happiness of weddings all year round.

Hypericum Berries:
These unique, full flowers, similar to berries, are available in wonderful earthy tones such as green, brownish red, yellow, pink, and red. Hypericum berries are most widely available in the summer.

These blooming flowers look beautiful on their own or mixed with other flowers. They come in white, blue, natural pink and purple tinted. Hydrangeas are great for spring and summer weddings.

These tall white, blue, and pink flowers burst into bloom in the springtime which makes them ideal for an April or May wedding (though they can be used throughout the spring and summer as well).

Tall and ornamental, these flowers are a popular choice for summer wedding centerpieces and bouquets. As an added effect to a romantic event, their rich purple color attracts beautiful butterflies.

Lilies are large flowers with three petals that come with three petal-like sepals. They are most commonly available in the summer. Lilies come in a range of color such as white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, bronze and even nearly black. Their petals are often marked with spots, brush strokes and picotees. Not only are lilies a lovely flower to use at your important affair, but they give off a fragrant aroma and create a rich and sweet ambiance.Mini Callas:
Mini callas are elegant flowers, perfect for bouquets and centerpieces. They are available throughout the year and come in a variety of colors such as white/cream, yellow, orange, pink and mauve. Weather conditions also play a part in their pigmentation and you can often find slight variations in colors of mini callas.

While most commonly found in shades of pinks and violet or purple, statice is also available in blue, yellow, white, red, orange and apricot. It is most frequently used to enhance summer and early fall weddings.Snapdragons:
With their beautiful petals, these tall Mediterranean flowers are reminiscent of an exotic paradise. Snapdragons are widely available in the summer in a crisp white color. They are also available in other colors, including shades of pink or yellow.