Wednesday, May 20, 2009

afternoons with a guru

i've just spent a couple of very intellectually fulfilling
and emotionally stimulating afternoons having tea with a friend
i have wanted to run into for a long time.

he's a rather complicated package whose personality cannot
be done justice through descriptions, however exhaustive.
he is someone to be experienced. but it will just have to suffice
to say that among other things, he is an old soul with deep
insights on life and people.

he hails from sri lanka and is a teacher and psychotherapist
by profession. he sees your deepest secrets and who you really
are behind that mask we are all fond of wearing. he can be
scary in that he peels away all your pretensions with
a probing gaze, but is your greatest friend in that he sees
the full extent of your brokenness and yet understands that
this doesn't in any way diminish the beauty of who you are.

once again, he has helped me come in terms with the difficult
aspects of who i am, reminded me of how to deal with the
dysfunctions i have and taught me how to better love myself.

Ultimately, this is the most important lesson of all,
being human means being imperfect, but living means
you never stop trying to be better.

For the striking lessons, the arresting insights,
and the beautiful conversations... i offer my thanks anton.

Until the next time we run into each other...

1 comment:

Krawi said...

"being human means being imperfect, but living means
you never stop trying to be better."

i like this=)