Friday, May 22, 2009

michael left for canada today

actually, he won't be outside of the country till the 27th...
but still, iligan feels a little emptier without him. the debate
varsity has just lost a coach, IIT, one of its rockinest teachers
and me, a confidante and she-brother... (haha, peace)

mam, for all the sleepless nights over debate, the kapalpakan
with boys (*wink*), the unquantifiable alcohol our friendship
has consumed and its repercussions (*wink* na pod)...the laughter,
the tears, the losses and victories we've shared... thank you. you've
made iligan a lot more fun...

looking forward to our next shobar break :) love you mam...yarokzta!

1 comment:

Aiken said...

greenbelt!! life of the rich and famous kaau! haha