Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Waiting in line for our school ATM has become a habit lately.
Every so often, I would pass by the booth and get the urge to
line up. Really, it's more of a favorite form of self-torture
because I am quite aware that my card has zero credit, and yet,
I welcome the delusion. I like lining up because for few minutes,
while sitting there pretending not to be broke, I can plan for
things I want to buy and think of places I want to eat at.

This is probably what poverty feels like.

I'm not saying I'm rich, but growing up, I hardly felt poor.
And yet, here I am, working but penniless for most of every month.

It's not that my job pays bad (although a raise can't hurt - who
can't use extra moolahs right?), it's just that I suck at budgeting
my money. And the crazy thing is, I don't know where it goes! It's like
during payday I check my account and I almost hear the machine go
ding! ding! ding!, I withdraw the money, and poof! a week later my
account balance goes back to zilch.

I haven't got anything to show for it, I tell you. It's not like there's
any place in Iligan I can splurge a whole month's earning on. I usually
just treat my sisters to eat out, have a few random buys, drop by
fastfoods more often... and suddenly, my wallet would grow cobwebs again.

Ahay. I know. I know. It's unwise spending: pure and simple.
Unfortunately, I can't say the same for learning how to SPEND WISELY.



Scottiboy said...
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mara said...

...to each his own delusion my friend :P

Verna T.S. said...

i'm broke too, and i don't have better thoughts on this. haha.

*just sending giggles on the way.

so ditsy, huh? hihi.

love you, mara!

Nobe said...

you sound so much like me when i was single. hehe.

mara said...

tell me that's a good thing.. haha :P

Scottiboy said...

haha it's not.