Wednesday, June 10, 2009

got piss drunk last nyt...

...which has become a pretty novel occurrence
for me as of late. haha.

imagine that.

but i've tamed down, see... gone are my wild child
days (sounded like a hippie, just there). ack.

anyway, so i got drunk playing poker with a
bunch of guys i met through my cousin. and since
my alcohol tolerance has been on an all-time low
these days, i normally slink out of the party to
doze off my drunkenness till its time to head out
(as opposed to the embarrassing "maoy" moments
of the olden, immature days).

and the reason i'm writing about this alcohol-induced
episode is this: this bunch of guys happen to be
a rather accurate microcosm of the entire male species:
a bunch of horny jerk-offs who girls REALLY shouldn't
get drunk with, and even though nothing happened last
night, i was reminded that females really shouldn't be
so trusting of unfamiliar male company, yet again,
especially if alcohol is involved.

i have realized the hard way that i am the sort of girl
who is susceptible to people who are inclined to take
advantage, and i am quite dissappointed with myself
for this.


i miss the harmless male variety who were my friends in
college. Bombom who always made sure i got home safe,
who was always willing to take me (or any female friend
in need) home. Xander who was always the gentleman.
Jaye who protected me from bad company. My ex's frat
brothers who made me feel like a princess. And even Kit
and Kuya Mark who offered to beat up that sneaky Paolo
character who tried to take advantage of me... I could
sleep in the same bed and nothing would happen.

NO, they are not gay. Just decent.

what changed? does iligan exclusively breed jerks? hindi
rin, i have some decent kabsis naman. did my taste in male
company deteriorate then? hmmm... for the first time, i
actually feel anxiety towards meeting new people...

i know this society is inclined to blame me (or women
in general) for going out with guys and drinking in the
first place or for wearing say, skimpy clothes (which
i wasn't, but that's not the point). but that's just
a pail-full of bullshit double standards right there.
there is no valid reason- for guys to go all pervy
and drop lines that could qualify as sexual harassment
or for married men to hit on girls they meet.

i dunno, maybe the world really is never without jerks and
lately, for some reason, i happen to within striking distance.
they actually make me want to reconsider being single, just
to have someone to ward them off. but i detest NEEDING a guy.
and also, where can i find someone decent? haha. i'm not
trying to make a hasty generalization. i'm sure not ALL
guys are assholes but last night just makes me feel like
shunning all male company for a month.

hay... bakit salat sa matitinong lalake ang mundo? maybe i
should just stick to my vicarious relationships with my kim
bum and joe cheng.

at least these guys are completely harmless.
nyaha :P


Scottiboy said...

lol. i don't know who did what to you but unless you accept that sex is behind everything we do, say, or think... ur going to be very bitter (or in you're case, continue to be bitter) =] hehe

haha. i would have loved to see the debate on postmodern morality! ugh. lol. even if it was sleazy, that way i could educate them about how it's really done. haha.

i have another motion, i'm telling you the post i'm making about how to debate it, and the speech i wrote per speaker, is extremely technical. you could make a book out of it. haha

mara said...

...itd better be good.

and i disagree. sex isn't everyone's sole motivation on EVERYTHING.

Scottiboy said...

that maybe true. umm who are those people again? lol. those aren't motivated by sex? oh i know one. the 'asexual' being from the varsity. haha. oh my god. i won't disrespect old people. oops! did i just give it away? haha

michelle said...

wrong kind of guys. they're probably the type who can't differentiate between girls who have brains and can drink, and girls who prefer to not use their brains (and act like they're really drunk) because they think it's cute.

tsk,tsk iligan.hahahaha.joke!

bom bom and the rest should read this. i love our rare, decent, male friends too.

the same anonymous said...

thought you might like this too.

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