Monday, June 15, 2009

read this and be in awe.

this dude, freidrich nietzsche, whose name i can neither
spell nor pronounce (yep, i copy-pasted it here), spewed
brilliant shit. brilliant, brilliant shit, i tell you. i mean
i know we get told lotsa times in philo - or was is
it logic? whatever- that this guy KNEW EVERYTHING or
something, but it wasn't until now that i became a believer.

the dude is BAD. he is THE man.

okay. i'll stop sounding like a moron now. anyway, i've
never read about anyone who had so out-rightly opposed
the very goals humanity has pledged to accomplish: peace
on earth and goodwill to men. these are the very foundations
all liberal democracies are laid on and yet this guy, very
casually laughed off these ideas as ridiculous, and you
know what? his thoughts makes perfect sense.

i know you might think i'm siding with the guy because, well,
the sheer gall of his defiance is simply awe-inspiring and i
could just be supporting the opposition since it's cooler and
being with the rightists is expected and boring (and i could
be to some extent)... but really, reading about how he thought
hierarchy and having caste systems is in the natural order of
things and that the truth of the matter is, men AREN'T created
equal - so why the freak can't anyone just live with that?! -
is probably the most inspired/genius/epiphanic (made that
last one up) thing i have ever heard.

he said that basically, there are three major broad classes of
men. the first are those who are inherently better than everyone
else: its nothing personal, they just are, and they aren't
supposed to lord this over lower mortals, because if the latter
didn't exist, the former wouldn't either. hear! hear!

those who come in second are the brawns. those who save the first
class the hassle of having to rule. the nobles. the kings. the
military. the judges. the defenders and enforcers of the rules
created by the first class.

and third, well, you've got the weakest class. those in charge of
the menial jobs in society. those who keep the wheels of production
working by literally turning those wheels themselves. their main
contribution to humanity is to become intelligent machines, and
you know what? they find their happiness in this so those sociologists
have no business writing books to burst the third class' mediocre
bubbles so they become discontented and envious and then demand for
crap like EQUALITY, because of this warped notion that if everyone
was like else, everyone would be HAPPY and then, there would be

i mean, i know, right? how retarded is that?!

so, in conclusion, what i'm saying is that we are all morons.

and nietzsche is like, the baddest philosopher of all time.

i raise my hat to you freidrich, my man. you truly know your shit.

i am aware that i do him no justice, so, for more enlightenment,
read this. and basically all the other legit stuff written about the guy. XD


Scottiboy said...

please tell me you're drunk.

mara said...

haha... i am sooo sober, it's wrong