Thursday, August 13, 2009

i refuse to tweet

i've always been the exhibitionist sort. (stop
the mental images, i do not mean THAT) i mean,
i've always been the sort who craved attention
and basked in it, and is always hard-pressed
to shy away from any avenue that would provide it.
so when social networking became a thing, i was
in friendster every time i found myself in
front of a pc.

then blogging sites became popular so i
was into that too and then multiply, and
wordpress and livejournal... kahit myspace,
di ko pinatawad. (obviously, i have no accurate
sense of chronology of all this.)

and now, i have a FACEBOOK account as well.

i know, who doesn't?

but when twitter, and now plurk came around,
i took a double-take and went, 'woah, when
does it end?!' my head is just reeling from
all this at this point.

i mean, wasn't the point of social networking to
keep track of people? cause, i can't really keep
track of anyone anymore given the pseudonyms and
the multiple accounts and the plethora of virtual
communities i feel compelled to be part of, lest
i be shut out in the cold.

my virtual "friends" mostly aren't even my actual

so why approve/confirm their requests in the first
place? i'm sure you know the answer to that. this
superficial bond of anonymous strangers who pretend
to be this and that on the web and feign digital
affection who's real first names they're not even
sure of is the sort of relationships these sites breed.


facebook is it for me. and if we're not REALLY friends,
here's one definite click on the reject button (or
whatever the hell it's called).

i'm sure you won't mind. you probably won't even notice.

and look! happyslip agrees with me XP


wisteria said...

can u put some more posts as soon as possible,so that we can start the process immediately.

Ajeet-X said...

Haha! Go go go! I drew the line din at Twitter. Sabi ko, I'm not gonna fucking text into a networking site. Exag na masyado. Dinilete ko na nga ang MySpace ko. Sabi ko, what's the point? When losers you weren't really friends with (or hated) in high school start adding you, you know na nagpaparami lang sila ng friends sa friends list tsk tsk.

Krawi said...

"and now, i have a FACEBOOK account as well.

i know, who doesn't?"

I don't. But I guess, this doesn't surprise you at all.