Tuesday, August 11, 2009

next president please...

pucha naman. as if dumping that load of bull that was the SONA
and expecting us to eat it wasn't enough, she goes and does the
ultimate social crime: pig out in some high-class joint while
the rest of the country (which she happens to be the president of)
gnashes their teeth in hunger.
of course the media is justified to sensationalize the crap out of
gloria's P1M dinner. malamang!
sumusobra na sya... sarap mag-mura, kakapanood ko sa mga kagaguhan
nya sa balita parang minsan, sarap na ring mag-migrate but siguro,
may matinong presidente ding dadating.
for Cory's sake, sana tumino na sya.


wisteria said...

can u put the 20 posts within one week,so that it will be easy for us.

mara said...

i'll do my best. thanks :) btw, can i ask about the monetary aspect of the deal? :D if you don't mind, can you email me the specifics? again, thanks :)

wisteria said...

k i will mail u.