Monday, June 14, 2010

somebody gag me


i've found so many uses for them.

change people's opinions. make students look at the same things
differently. get what i want. weave stories. build whatever i
want on thin air. forge acquaintances. get people's favor.

but it is when words are most powerful, that they are at their
most dangerous as well.

because i use words to hurt people too. to manipulate, blackmail
and cut people down to size. i could cut you right down the middle
with a sentence. i could make gashes deeper and more painful than
any flesh wound with words spoken in spite. i could peel off any
pretense and force you to display painfully hidden insecurities.

when i get hurt i verbally lash out and use words that cut deeper
than knives.

i try to hurt people less, but well, TRY is still the operative

just had a bout with my father and we're both emotionally bleeding
right now.

he says i'm ungrateful and useless and stupid and should just move
out, i say the same things and ask him why he thinks this is
his house.

i am a bad person.