Wednesday, August 4, 2010

12 hours in dumaguete

time. seems like we're always running out time. all we get
are snatches and moments, hurried kisses and abrupt embraces...
measly hours that seem like seconds.

on the long exhuasting bus ride that will take me to my boat
to Dumaguete, scenarios kept running through my head like from
some icky pinoy B-grade romance flick.

Bea to John Lloyd: "Sana ako ulit..."
John Lloyd: "She had me at worst, you had me at my best, but you
chose to break my heart."

i started snickering to myself which made the passenger beside me
give me a tentative look and shuffled a little to the window.

The boat trip made me more anxious. So anxious that it took me a
couple of minutes to notice the guy who was nervously asking if i was
in the right bunk.

As it happens, no, i am not in the right bunk. And yes, i plan to
occupy this one nevertheless.

The poor bloke didn't put up a fight.

i grew a conscience and offered to transfer and in turn he offered to
look for my bed first and then help me with my bags.

i thought he wasn't coming back, but when he did, he looked like he
scoured the whole ship and it turns out, my blasted bunk was in the
bottom probably right next to the engine from the looks of him.

anyway, i ended up occupying his bed for the rest of the trip and
surprisingly, he and his friends actually turned up to be interesting
company. we swapped anecdotes, laughed and i welcomed the distraction.

before going on this trip, i had hoped to not run into people i know
because i wanted time to think. to ask myself what i hoped to get
from seeing him. where i hoped to find myself and us after we met
and talked.

but i've been asking myself the same thing for months and i felt like
going in circles.

after all been's said and done. i'm still drawin up a blank wall.


---- this story had one hell of a bad ending.

two years later, i feel i'm going down the exact same path.
different male lead. same plot. same setting even. blasted Dumaguete.
My haven and my pitfall.

will it still have the same ending?

08/04/10 - 11:36 PM


Easter Lois said...

na lala ko sa bea john lloyd quotes mam hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

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