Wednesday, November 23, 2011


i felt pain from reading her words.
a goddamned caption and yet it was searing enough
that i felt something inside break.

she doesn't know how lucky she is.
i had all that time with him and i tried so hard.
i wasn't sure enough to start it. he wasn't sure
enough to broach it.

but i did try. i tried so goddamned hard.

then she came.

and now they have months and probably
will have years to their name, if not the rest of
their lives.

i am breaking.
i am seething.
i am... resigned.

i was too broken to begin with.

i couldn't have kept him.

i'm just not whole enough.


Aiken said...

first of all, maayo kay imo kong gi warningan nga this isn't about the most recent although i know nga dili ni about niya.... but i think kaila ko kinsa ni. but hello????? hallleeerrrr you have so much in you, so much in your character, so much so much just to ever feel this way oi. undangi ning ingon ani nga feeling kay it's not only a waste of time, it's also taking your pride away little by little. char char.. but yes... and basin, you're spending too much time on your own? it's time to go out with friends twice a week oi and smoke! hahahaha mwuah! love yah mar!

an overdose of life said...

check! pero later part na basta dako2 na si kaela... hehehehe. i shall muster the courage to return to dumaguete and not flinch from the memories. haha

Verna T.S. said...

and after reading this post, i searched facebook to check on something. no confirmation, but is it safe to assume basing on that person's profile pic? or am i even on the same page -- i seriously am lost.. but worried lost.. *hugs* beh.. whatever that is, i'm sure you were great before that thing/person/whatever came.. you'll be better without it. yeah?

Aiken said...

korekted by mami verns! hehehe

mara said...

this is not about kaking mameh... haha. defensive much? heehee. some old crush lang... love u mameh!miss u!

Kid said...

Merry Christmas :D

Pulkit Chitkara said...

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Anonymous said...

Very Nice Post of your feelings.

Joshua said...

So. That was pretty dramatic. Are you an overly dramatic person? Because if so, you'd be exhausting to be around.

Anonymous said...

i am. quite exhausting.